Getting ready to start the PHOSfree Program

1.Pool must be clean, balanced and algae-free.

2.Filter should be clean.

3.Water must be tested for phosphate level (test both pool & fill water).

4.If metal or mineral stains are present they must be dealt with before proceeding. Use Natural Chemistry’s METALfree to deactivate iron, copper and other trace minerals that cause water discoloration and staining

without adding phosphates to the water. For existing stains use Natural Chemistry’s STAINfree on any pool surface.

Starting the PHOSfree Program

1.Determine from Phosphate test results which is the best way to start:

~For pools testing between 0-300ppb use either Pool Magic + PHOSfree or PHOSfree following the dosage charts in the product section

~For pools between 300-1000ppb use PHOSfree. For higher levels of phosphates multiple applications may be necessary.

~For high levels of phosphates (2000ppb+) PHOSfloc may be used if able to vacuum to waste.

2.Determine what type of filter media you have and add product as follows: Sand Filter - add no more than 1 liter of PHOSfree or Pool Magic +

PHOSfree product through the skimmer per 500 square feet of filter area. Average range is 1.8 to 3.0 square feet (add product ALL AT ONE TIME)

Cartridge Filter - add no more than 1 liter of PHOSfree or Pool Magic + PHOSfree product through the skimmer per 100 square feet of filter area. Average is 50 to 300 square feet (add product ALL AT ONE TIME)

DE Filter - do not add more than 2 liters of PHOSfree or Pool Magic + PHOSfree product through the skimmer per 36 square feet of filter area. Average is 24 to 48 square feet. (add product ALL AT ONE TIME)

a) If you are experiencing clogging problems with DE filters:

i) Bump filter and closely monitor to see if pressure rises immediately,

continue to bump as pressure rises. Pressure should stabilize and return to normal. If the pressure fails to return to normal, clean and recharge the filter.

The PHOSfree Program - cont’d

ii) For DE filters with multiport systems, give the system a 20-second rinse then return to filter setting.

3.Run filter at least 6 filter cycles or a minimum of 48 hours continuous filtration.

4.Backwash or clean PHOSfree from your filter media, remember it is a natural product so it is not harmful to the environment.

5.Retest the pool water. If you still have not reached a level below 100ppb repeat steps 1-4 in starting the PHOSfree program. If the phosphate level is 100ppb or below, maintain a phosphate free pool by using Pool Perfect+ PHOSfree

on a weekly basis.

Maintaining a PHOSfree Pool

1. Weekly, after balancing the pool, add (not at the same time as shocking) 1 ounce per 2000 gallons of Pool Perfect + PHOSfree to the skimmer basket. Make

sure to shake the bottle vigorously.

2. Test the pool for phosphates monthly.

Closing a PHOSfree Pool

1.Clean and balance the pool.

2.There is no reason to shock if the sanitizer level is within the acceptable range. Remember high levels of chlorine can damage your pool finish and winter cover.

3.Add 1 liter of Pool Magic + PHOSfree per 25,000 gallons of water, shaking vigorously. If shocking, don’t add product until chlorine level is below 6ppm. Circulate at least 12 hours before draining.

4.Cover pool.

5.Enjoy the confidence that when this pool is opened in the spring it will be algae-free.

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