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Who wants to clean their pool by hand? That why automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners were invented. We offer 3 types, which are Suction, pressure, and robotic type cleaners.

The Hayward Navigator:
With its new design advancements, sets the standard in high performance cleaning for in-ground pools of all types and sizes. This newly engineered automatic cleaner features many new product enhancements, such as more durable components, 40% larger intake, faster cleaning time and improved programmed steering.

Every pool needs cleaning on a regular basis, not only for appearances and sanitation but to protect the investment you have made in your backyard oasis. That is why Hayward is committed to developing new technologites that help you clean your pool more effectively, efficiently and with less effort. Our line of cleaners is recognized for its superior cleaning performance and ability to maximize efficiency. We are also very attentive to the homeowners interaction with our cleaners and design our products to make installation and maintenance simple.

So whether you're building a new pool, or replacing an existing pool cleaner, 1800Pools offers cleaners that are engineered to provide you with quick and efficient cleaning.

Suction Side Inground Cleaners:
are entry level. They have fewer moving parts than pressure and robotic. They move or jiggle around via the water pressure running through them. They use the suction side of your pool filter and pump to clean the water. They are fun to watch, because they look like bottom feeding fish.

Suction cleaners are ideal for pools located in desert and tropical climates with cleaning requirements for fine particles of dirt and small leaves and twigs. They can be installed through the skimmer or on a dedicated line in less than 15 minutes and do not require additional tools.

Pressure Side Inground Cleaners:
work separately from your pools filtering system. They run off your pools water return and many have a booster pump for the extra pressure and so they don't wear out your pool regular pump. They filter the debris into their own catch bags, so you don't have to backwash your filter just because you've cleaned the pool. These types of cleaners zip around your pools floor, and most only clean the bottom and not the walls of your pool.

Booster Pump:
Boost the efficiency of your pressure cleaner with the efficacy of Hayward's new booster pump. The pump greatly increases a cleaning systems ability to propel and circulate water, providing the power needed to thoroughly clean your pool.

The Hayward booster pump uses up to 40% less electricity than other booster pumps and is remarkably quiet. Backed by a 1-year warranty, its sleek design and 1-1/2 unions allow for easy installation and service. Suitable for any pressure cleaner requiring a booster pump it's designed with a tall mounting base for increased motor ventilation and flood protection.

An excellent replacement for any 3/4 HP pumps it's the right choice to pair with any pressure cleaner.

Robotic Inground Cleaners:
are the cream-of-the-crop, and they operate completely self-contained. They run off of low voltage DC Power and have their own catch bags for the debris. Most of them run on tracks (like an Army Tank) and many of them have scrubbers on the front to thoroughly clean your pools surface. Most of them climb your pools walls and steps to the water line, not just the floor. Since your pump runs less, your energy costs are reduced. Plus, their built-in filter further reduces use of your pool's primary filtration system lowering energy costs even more, extending the life of both your pump and filter, and increasing the amount of time between filter cleanings. Robotic cleaners are also convenient you just plug it in and place it in your pool. Some even have remote controls so you can steer the unit from a lounge chair for easy spot cleaning!

We carry Swimming Pool Cleaner Parts and Pool Cleaner Accessories if you need additional scrubbing brushes, bags, parts or Caddy carts and covers. If you have any questions or problems operating your pool cleaner give us a call, we're here to help you.
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