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The look and feel of your pool area is important, but the equipment behind the scenes also requires careful consideration. Beautiful decking and tile work are what people will remember, but the machinery that keeps your water at the right temperature is vital to a pleasant pool experience. You will want to find a heater that is appropriate for the size and design of any given pool and that will stand up to the test of time. We have scanned the market to find the best pool heater parts available and are offering them to you at great prices through our website. There are several things to consider when choosing the appropriate heater. Taking a few minutes to compare the options will help you to choose an efficient product that will last for years and offer trouble-free service.

There are two basic categories of heaters: aboveground, and in-Ground. The advantage to using an aboveground heater is that maintenance and replacement will be easier. Some people prefer the in-ground variety, however, because they reduce noise and do not distract from the landscaping. If you are installing a heating system in an existing pool, the easiest solution will be to use an aboveground heater. Many people make use of a small shack in order to keep the equipment out of sight.

The next decision to make is the power source for your pool heater. The most common options are natural gas and electric. Gas has been the traditional favorite because it is not connected to the electrical lines in your house. These heaters will not put extra strain on the electrical system or stop working during a power failure. Gas pool heaters produce a small amount of exhaust. New Low Nox versions reduce these concerns, and are even required in some parts of the country.

Electric heaters are naturally emission-free and quieter than their gas cousins are. These heaters may be more cost effective as well as they use evaporator coils to collect heat from the air. In other words, the stronger the sun is shining, the less you will have to spend on heating bills. Before installing an electric heater, it may be wise to consult with an electrician to make sure that your electrical system meets necessary requirements.

When reviewing the different products available, make a point of comparing the product parts descriptions. Many new heaters include special features that are intended to reduce wear and tear and extend the life of the product. It may be that spending a little extra will save money on replacement parts and maintenance over the long run. It is also important to buy a heater that is rated for the size of your pool. This information will be clearly stated in the product description.

Buying a heater is a great way to get more use and enjoyment out of your pool. We have put together a product list including some of the best brands in the market including all the pool heater parts you will ever need to keep your pool warm and inviting. The current products on the market all offer great efficiency and durability. Take a few minutes to choose the best option and get the most out of your summer.

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