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Anyone who has invested in a swimming pool understands that keeping the pool clean and germ-free is essential to its longevity. Quality pool filters are a vital part of a pool's maintenance, and are designed to block foreign objects and other impurities in order to keep frequent repairs and unnecessary service calls to a minimum. However, one must keep in mind that for this process to function effectively, all the pool filter parts must work appropriately.

Some of the vital components of such filters are the hardware kit, upper bearing assembly, locking ring, cartridge, tank body assembly, anchor brackets, breather tube assembly, and tank O-rings. Many such parts play only a minor role in the function of the device, but each one is essential in its own way with regard to the filter's overall performance.

Air Release Valve

The air release valve is a major component of a pool filter. Trapped air in the filter's plumbing system can reduce its flow rate and cause additional problems. However, as the name implies, the purpose of the air release valve is to allow pockets of air trapped inside the filter's plumbing system to escape. In this way, the filter's functioning system can be spared unnecessary wear and tear, and optimal pressure levels can be maintained.

The Role of the Pressure Gauge

The pressure gauge also plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the filtering system. The pressure gauge is a device used for the purpose of measuring the filter's pressure. Paying close attention to the this gauge can assist one with troubleshooting and solving a variety of issues, which in turn, can result in substantial money being saved. In order to monitor the pressure gauge properly, one should first determine the filter's standard operating pressure. The ideal time to determine this reading is after the cartridges have been replaced and the system cleaned. Once this pressure reading has been determined, it should be recorded and kept where it can be referenced when needed.

The pressure should be checked periodically and if it reaches 10 PSI or higher, backwashing the filter is probably a good idea. However, if abnormally low, high, or erratic pressure readings occur, this is an indication that the pool may need to be serviced by a professional.

Alternative to Chlorine

One can choose a standard automatic filter that uses chlorine, or if this is not desirable, he or she may wish to invest in a model that can be used with a chlorine alternative such as a salt chlorinator. The latter is particularly helpful for those who have skin sensitivity to chlorine, but overall, this decision is largely a matter of personal preference.

Shopping for Pool Filter Parts

If any of the pool filter parts wear out they must be replaced as soon as possible so that damage to the pool does not occur. When shopping for such parts, care must be taken to do business with a reputable company. Read customer reviews on the Internet can be quite helpful, also checking with the local Better Business Bureau if one is shopping at a bricks and mortar store.

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