Chemical Season Supply for In-ground Pools
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A season's supply of chemicals for large Above-ground most In-gound Pools.
▪ AquaChek Chlorine 3-Way Test Strips
▪ 50 lb. pail of 3 Chlorine Tablets
▪ 24 - 1 lb. bags of Chlor-Burst Shock
▪ 1 - quart of Halt Algaecide
▪ 2 - quart of Super Rust & Scale
▪ 5 - lb. pail pH Increaser
▪ 6 - lb. pail pH Reducer

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In order to maintain clean and healthy pool water, it is important to use only premium concentrated pool chemicals. We have selected Blue Wave pool chemicals because of their purity, effectiveness and ease of use. Blue Wave pool chemicals will keep your water crystal clear.

There are many "off brands" of pool chemicals for pools today. You will see them at the so called "big-box" retail stores, club stores, hardware stores and even some grocery stores. Many of these off brands are made with inferior chlorine or watered down algaecides that will cloud your pool water and fade your pool's liner. They can also cause your pool liner to become brittle, which will shorten its life. Cheap pool chemicals can also clog your pool pump and filter system, causing damage.

To ensure safe, crystal clear pool water use only premium Blue Wave pool chemicals. Blue Wave's concentrated formulas kill germs and algae on contact. Because our pool chemicals are made with pure concentrated ingredients they will prolong the life of your pool liner and allow your pool pump and filter to operate efficiently season after season. Blue Wave's Pool Care Guide will give you Four Easy Steps to keep your water crystal clear. Guarantee peace-of-mind with premium Blue Wave pool chemicals.


STEP #1: BALANCE In order to insure the effectiveness of pool chemicals, pool water must be pH balanced. It is the first, most important step of our Easy Pool Care program.

STEP #2: SANITIZE To keep the water clean, bacteria-free, and safe for swimming the water must be sanitized. We feature 3 Sanitizing Tablets. They are stabilized for long-lasting effectiveness.

STEP #3: SHOCK Super-chlorination, or shocking, prevents cloudy water, chlorine odor, and eye and skin irritation. Use Chlor-Burst? or Blast Out in step three of our program. We also offer Blitz? as a chlorine-free alternative. It is very effective for weekly maintenance and you can swim immediately after treatment.

STEP #4: ALGAE CONTROL Prevention of algae before it grows is critical to keeping a pool crystal clear and inviting. Prevent algae with our unique Halt Algaecide. This powerful, super-concentrated algaecide kills all types of algae. Halt is also easy to use, low-foaming, and will not discolor hair.

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