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Inground Swimming Pool Valves

Inground Swimming Pool Valves, many people don't even think of these, until theirs is broken or leaking. Then what type and brand do you need. We at 1800Pools can help you decide. As we have been in the swimming pool industry for 40 years, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you.

Can I replace my slide valve with a multi-port valve and should I? These are the questions that we can answer.

Other valves in your swimming pool filtering system are pool diverter valves and pool check valves . Many of you have these and may not know what they are. These are also important parts to your swimming pool and may need to be serviced or replaced.

Let us help you to make the right decision if these items need to be serviced.

Our Hi-Flow backwash valve is designed for maximum performance and working pressures. It features the same quality and reliability you've come to know and expect from Pentair. It's pre-plumbed for easy installation in side-mounted sand or D.E. (diatomaceous earth) filter applications.

Above-Ground Pool Multi-port Valves

Key features include:
Solid, injection-molded PVC housing permits leak-free solvent welds to PVC piping.

Large, reinforced one-piece handle for years of trouble-free operation.

High efficiency center intake diverter is made of heavy-duty, glass-filled Noryl® thermoplastic for strength and heat resistance.

Full-feature valve offers maximum control

The Hi-Flow valve features full six-position, positive lock operation plus a special winterizing position providing access to a full range of filtration system capabilities.The Hi-Flow valve provides precise control of pool filter functions. And as with all Pentair valves, the Hi-Flow valve is designed to perform flawlessly for years to come.

Other features include:
Full two-inch inlet and outlet ports for unrestricted water flow during all cycles.

Clearly and permanently marked ports for ease of plumbing with either sand or D.E. (diatomaceous earth) filters.

Engineered to accommodate up to 125 gpm flow rates with proper system plumbing and compatible pump/filter combinations.

Valve controls filter's function

Sand filters are controlled with eitherof two types of valves:

Slide Valve Has just two positions, and is always side mounted(photo at left).

Multi-valve Has multiple positions, and can be top or side-mounted (photo below).

With their many settings, multi-valves can raise questions among technicians as to their proper function. Following are the seven positions of Hayward's popular Vari-Flow multi-valve, and the effect each of those seven positions has on the sand inside the filter.

FILTER Mode The valve directs water to the top of the filter, where the water compresses and flattens down the sand as it makes its way through to the bottom laterals.

BACKWASH Mode The valve directs water to come out the bottom laterals, reversing the flow of water through the tank. This causes the sandto separate and lift about 7 above its normal level, there by releasing the trapped debris in to the water and allowing it to exit the filter through the waste line.

RINSE Mode Water is directed to (enters) the top of the tank (just like filter mode) but exits through the waste line (instead of the laterals).This re-seats the sand after backwashing, and minimizes particulate blow back once normal filtration is resumed.

RECIRCULATE Mode Water is directed through the valve only, not the filter. This is a position to use during some pool clean ups and chemical treatments where you don't want the water contaminating the sand an example would be when using a drop and floc product in the pool.

WASTE Mode This position bypasses the filter and sends all water out the waste line agreat setting for vacuuming pools after an algae treatment, for new sand addition, and for new filter start-ups.

Lube-free 2- and 3-Way Valves and Check Valves

Our lube-free valves have excellent flow characteristics and are manufactured to strict quality standards. And as the name says, they never require lubrication. Constructed of durable CPVC or PVC, they provide a lifetime of superior performance at a great price. All Pentair valves are easily installed and simple to use. And when paired with Pentair valve actuators, they're the perfect solution for fully automated operation.

Standard 2-way and 3-way Valves
Ideal for diverting, shut-off, or mixing applications. The Teflon composite diverter seal requires no lubrication. Field-adjustable stops ensure precise positioning while simplifying use, and the extra-wide diverter offers superior sealing when used with valve actuators.
Dual O-rings, separated by a hard spacer, provide optimum shaft sealing for dependability.
Body available in high-temperature CPVC* or low-temperature PVC.
Available in two popular sizes: 1" x 2" and 2" x 2".
Maximum body pressure 150 psi, maximum sealing pressure 35 psi.
Lifetime seal warranty.

Check Valves
Our beefier, dual-swivel-point flapper is self-centering for superior sealing, and requires only 15 inches of water column. The low-tension spring provides maximum flow.Service is simple, since parts can be replaced without cuttingthe valve out of the plumbing.

Clear polycarbonate cover allows easy inspection.
Cover is easily removed for cleaning.
Cover can be flipped 180 degrees tochange flow direction.
High-temperature CPVC body.
Use with 2" pipe or 2" fittings.

Pentair valves offer dependable, lubrication-free performance for less. Engineered for long life, they out perform other manufacturers' higher priced valves. Ask your sales representative for pricing.
*Use CPVC valves where air temperatures can reach 105F.

We are an Authority on Inground Swimming Pool Valves
"Written by Steve Merillat"

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