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The pump is vital to keeping the pool clean and in good working order. If a part of it breaks, it is usually simple and relatively cheap to replace the given part. If it is unclear which part is malfunctioning, then one can hire a technician to check the pump and pinpoint the broken part. There are many parts for sale at 1800 Pools, so no matter what part is needed, it can be found on the company website. Following are some tips that can make the purchase of pool pump parts a lot simpler.


Pool motors come in many different sizes. A person buying such a motor should pay attention to the voltage and horsepower (hp). The larger the pool, the more hp a motor should have. If the pool is large, then one should purchase a motor that has 1.5 hp. If the pool is small, then a .75 hp motor should suffice. There are also motors that have 1 hp and 1.15 hp; these are ideal for medium sized pools. A person that is replacing his or her pool motor should note the hp on the current motor and purchase one with the same hp. A motor that is overly powerful is a waste of electricity. A motor that is not powerful enough will not perform adequately.

Spare Parts

Purchasing parts is tricky. The best course of action in most cases is to buy a part that is made by the same brand name as the pump itself. Each manufacturer makes parts for its motors that can be purchased individually. A piece that is not made by the same company may not be compatible with the pump in question. Installing the wrong parts may cause the entire pump to malfunction.

However, there are some parts that can be used for a wide variety of motors. Most of these come with a clear label stating with which pumps they would be compatible. A Pentair square flange, for instance, is compatible with PacFab Challenger, Sta-Rite Dura and Maxi Glass.

There are also many models of pool pumps. Hayward, for instance, has created the Northstar series, the Tristar series, SuperPump series, SuperPump II series, Max-Flo series and Power-Flo series. A part that works well with one series may not work well with another. It is advisable to note the brand name and model needed, as this will make shopping for the part a lot simpler and easier

Buying the right pool pump parts is not difficult if a person knows what to get. There are well over a dozen brand names available from 1800 Pools. However, it is important to buy the spare parts that are just right for the pool in question. One should check the current pump and note the voltage, horsepower and other features that it has. If a new pump is being purchased, be sure it has the same features as the old one, even if the brand name is different. Any spare parts should ideally be made by the same manufacturer.

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