Above Ground Solar Covers and Panels  

Above Ground Solar Covers & Solar Panels

Save heating costs by using Above Ground Solar Covers & solar panels to heat your swimming pool. Let the sun heat your pool water naturally while helping to reduce your carbon foot print.
All of us must to our part to save natural resources and with regards to heating your swimming pool, Above Ground Solar Covers & panels fit the bill. Its a great way to "Green Up", to help your environment and your fuel costs. Save tons of money today and purchase an above ground solar cover and or Above-Ground solar panel today

We carry your standard 8-mil Above Ground Solar Covers and 12-mil Above Ground Solar Covers along with Solar Pool Cover Reels . What is new and has come to the market in the last few years are Solar Sun Rings. These make it really easy for one person to manage. If you need to repair your current solar cover we can help you with Solar Cover Repair Kits.

Take a look as we also have Solar Heating Systems, Solar Pool Auto Controllers and Solar Panel Repair Kits if the need arises to repair yours.

Solar Heat Panels

We can help you in choosing the right solar heating system for your swimming pool. Having serviced the swimming pool industry for 38 years, we can assist you what every you need with regards to your swimming pool. Give us a call today with any questions you may have.

Manufactured by the premier company in the solar business (they have installed over 125,000 solar systems), these panels have been efficiently heating swimming pools since 1972. Solar Bear's surface is fully whetted by pool water insuring the most efficient panel available.

Extra large 2" headers do not slow down your pool's circulation and insure excellent solar heat transfer to your pool's water. Smaller 1-1/2" headers can reduce your pool's circulation and cause solar heating to be compromised.

Solar Bear systems are comprised of a single extra-large 4' x 20' collector with no couplings or connectors. The system is made of U.V. stabilized polyethylene that is very tough and will last many seasons under direct sunlight. The systems come complete with an integral bypass valve, so you can turn them on and off as needed. Also included are two 6-ft. hoses and four clamps to hook the system up to your filtration system. Solar Bear panels can be mounted on the ground, on a rack, or a nearby roof. Complete installation and user's manuals are included.

These systems can be mounted on the ground, on a rack, or installed on a nearby roof. Both systems are easy to install and come complete with instructions. The panel plumbing/connector kit it used to connect you solar system to your filtration system and must be purchased separately. Put free solar heat to work for you this season with a quality SunGrabber solar heating system!

Note: For panels to heat optimally, they must receive unobstructed sunlight between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Automatic Solar Controller

Goldline's® GL-235 is the country's leading automatic solar controller and is designed for easy dependable operation. The unit's microprocessor-based technology ensures reliable and accurate performance. Simply set the controls for the desired pool temperature and the unit will heat your pool whenever there is enough solar heat available.

Goldline's solar controller can also be programmed to cool your pool on hot summer evenings and to protect against freezing. The unit comes complete with a 3-way motorized diverter valve and a water and panel sensor. The diverter valve is set up for 2" diameter plumbing and is 110/220V convertible.

Goldline (previously known as Independent Energy) is the industry leader since 1975. Goldline has pioneered all of the advances that make automatic control of solar heating systems easy, accurate, and reliable.

Solar Sun Rings

Each ring can generate up to 21,000 BTUs per day. Compact design means easy removal and encapsulated magnets hold the rings together for better coverage. The rings easily break apart in the event of an accidental fall so they are also safer than a traditional solar blanket.

These amazing solar rings do everything that a solar blanket will do but without the hassle of lugging on and off that big wet blanket. Solar Sun Rings are 5' diameter rings that float on top of the pool's surface allowing solar energy to pass through them and into your pool. At night the air bubbles in each solar ring insulate the water keeping your pool warm while they reduce evaporation.

Each ring can generate up to 21,000 BTUs per day. Compact design means easy removal and encapsulated magnets hold the rings together for better coverage. The rings easily break apart in the event of an accidental fall so they are also safer than a traditional solar blanket.Solar Sun Rings should optimally cover about 70% of your pool's surface area.

Solar Heat Covers

Our blankets are made to give you maximum heating properties combined with long life. Our 8-mil blankets are loaded with thermal bubbles that retain heat at night and on cool cloudy days. Our transparent blue color allows the maximum amount of solar rays to reach you pool for optimal heating. All of our blankets are U.V.-protected so they last under the most intense sunlight.
Built to last and backed by a 3-Year Warranty.

Durable Above-Ground blankets can warm your pool this year by up to 15?F.

Use our new Magni-Clear solar blankets to heat your pool faster.
Our blankets are laced with air bubbles that act as an insulating layer, shielding your pool from cool winds and nighttime cooling. In addition, our clear blankets allow more solar heat to reach the depths of your pool and heat it thoroughly.

Our blankets are made of extra-thick 12-gauge material so they will outlast most other Above-Ground blankets on the market. Invest in the solar blanket that will give you the best heating you can buy Magni-Clear They are backed by a 5-Year Warranty.

We are an Authority on Above Ground Solar Covers
"Written by Steve Merillat"

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